We provide our services in Institutional Development for specific Colleges / Universities with few of the reachable Targets and fixed terms & conditions. In this field we help the promoter of the institute to set up and start running as a well developed institute. A part of the areas of our competency in this field consist:

  • Curriculum Planning & development
  • Board Governance
  • Head of Institute & Faculty Searches
  • Financial Planning & Management
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing & Admissions
  • Student Management

Our team of experienced educators and associated professionals can manage educational institutions including group of institutions, so that owners and boards can benefit from the expertise we have accumulated from operating educational institutions elsewhere. We usually favour linking a school start-up agreement with an on-going educational management or operation of your institute to ensure continuity and to demonstrate our commitment.

We can seamlessly transition into the project and take over the responsibility for the education management of the institute, monitoring institutional performance and reporting regularly on outcomes.

By retaining us to manage your institute, owners and trustees recognise that they can rely on our extremely successful experience of working with educational institutions. We are able to take on the complete education institution operation, taking responsibility for entirety of institution’s operation. Effective branding strategies and tactics and an actual plan to put them into action are invaluable for building awareness and an institutional identity within your community (be it local or global), presenting an appropriate image, and communicating with constituent groups your key message.

It’s important to understand that current and prospective parents, students, and donors are influenced by your message and your media. They are making decisions about enrolling or re-enrolling at your institute or even making a donation. It’s critical that you’ve developed a marketing system that maximises your message and reassures your community about what you represent and how they fit in, and the benefits to enrolling at your institute. Remember it’s about them, not just a list of bullets about your institute. They have to know what’s in it for them. We will share our understanding of the effective principals of marketing, communication, public relations, recruiting, and admissions with an effective message and marketing tools that are targeted to your audiences. The benefit is growth in student enrolment, retention, increased fund raising results, and even the recruitment and retention of better staff and board members for your educational institute.