It’s not what you achieve,it’s what you overcome.That’s what defines your career.

Careers don’t just happen overnight. They need years of planning and perseverance. They need to be shaped and nurtured. Unfortunately, most of us take the route that’s easiest to follow and expect careers to happen alone the way

Every occupation is different and calls for a specific set of skills. If you don’t enjoy painting , a career in commercial arts and graphics will take you nowhere . Similarly, if you have never enjoyed number crunching, any field related to Mathematics will put a full stop to your career.

Career Today group is a private educational-service organization that provides expert college planning help to students and families nationwide. These services would be out of reach for many families, but we have successfully combined technology, a caring team of highly trained counsellors and executives, and years of experience into a program that’s affordable to families in need of our assistance.

At Career Today, we have a holistic approach to career guidance and planning. We individual discuss with the student problem and understand the situation helps them to find out the best solution. Firstly we identify the student interest and provide the best counselling and guidance to make the right decision as per their personality. we have a keen interest in knowing what drives you and how committed you are towards your goal.

We believe that every career can be fruitful. The key is to like what you do. So, if you want to become a doctor but your marks do not entitle you for an admission in a medical college, there’s no need to shift your focus. We can help you explore other options pertaining to the field of healthcare that are well within your academic means. Our expertise is in the high school to college transition. Launching our students with the right college, the right career goals, and the right financial aid package is what we do best. We help candidates manage their existing careers efficiently which will turn them in lucrative job avenues. we have a highly trained team to guides students and  reach the best possible academic heights based on their interest, academic merit and financial capacity. So, we help the students require best career guidance so that they could connect to self defined career and shot the best reaching goals with their full potential.